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Appointments are available from Tuesday to Saturday from 11.30am and Sunday by appointment only. All appointments need a non refundable booking fee to book in. Sometimes we do have walk-in appointments and we recommend calling us on 0753 507 9081 at 11am on the day to ask if we have any availability or drop by the studio. Both short and all day sessions are available to be booked. A small piece will be done in one go.Your deposit will be lost if you fail to show for the appointment or re book with less than 48 hours notice.

Non refundable booking fee:

An appointment can only be booked with a non refundable booking fee and designs are only drafted with this fee. Once you have made an appointment with a the booking fee we will then draft your design. Please note that all fees made to us are non-refundable in all circumstances. Booking fees can be paid by cash at the studio or by bank transfer.

Artists and Designs:

Once you have discussed your new tattoo idea with us we will book you in with the most suitable artist who will design your new tattoo. Generally designs are drafted the day before the appointment but if you wish to see the design you can organise with the artist a time and date to come see the design. Designs can be viewed at the studio and we can not email them over.

Cover Ups:

We do undertake cover up work but we will need to see the tattoo first in person for us to take our necessary checks. We do charge a little more for cover ups due to fact they take longer to do and a lot more forward planning than a normal tattoo. Please drop in to the studio for more info and advice. Not everything can be covered up and we will discuss with you the best option for your tattoo.

Age Limit:

In the UK you have to be 18+ to get a tattoo. If you appear to look under the age of 21 we will ask you for ID to prove you are 18+. We accept photo ID only, both passport and driving licences are accepted. You have to be 16+ for piercing, but please note that some piercings have the minimum age of 18+. Please call or drop in if you have any enquiries.

Studio Policy:

We regret to inform that this is an 16+ establishment only and we can not let anyone under age into the premises. We will turn you away if you come with children and you will lose the booking fee. We will also turn you away if you turn up drunk or hungover, high, smell bad or with an attitude. This also will cause you to lose your non-refundable booking fee. The studio can get very crowded very quickly so we do suggest that you come to your appointment on your own as your chaperone may be asked to leave if it’s crowded.

Studio registrations:

These are displayed in the waiting room of the studio.

Health Conditions:

Please alert a member of the studio if you have any underlying health conditions that may be of concern to us at time of booking. If you do not forward us of a condition that prevents you from receiving a tattoo from us after booking in with us you will lose the booking fee. If you are unsure whether your condition allows you to get tattooed then please ask us.

What to do on the day of your tattoo:

Please ensure you have had food before you come. If you are having a day session then please bring some food and drinks with you. Make sure you are wearing loose fitting comfortable clothing and also consider about where you are having a tattoo. Please be aware that the tattoo area is open plan on the ground floor. There might be someone else getting tattooed at the same time as you so please consider the area you are getting tattooed. We do, however, have an upstairs used mainly for piercings so if you would like a more private room to be tattooed then this is possible, please mention it when booking in. If it’s on your leg bring some shorts or if it’s on your shoulder wear a thin strappy vest top or boob tube. We only accept cash payments too so make sure you bring the correct funds.


We sell after care in the studio and we will also give you a step by step after care sheet to take away with you. We sell a selection of aftercare in the studio. These will be recommended to you and we normally have a selection in stock for you to choose from. We do stock vegan and Cruelty free aftercare within our studio, so please ask for more information. We also sell piercing aftercare in the studio too. Please listen to us about after care as we want our new art work on you to look it’s best and for you to have a vibrant and healthy tattoo. If you have any questions about after care then please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you have any further questions then please contact the studio where a member of the studio are always happy to help.